Freshers’ Week

I think I’m back to something resembling normal now after living on very strange time for much of the summer. Due to not having to get up in the mornings throughout most of the summer months and having an internet connection to allow me to procrastinate horribly from going to bed, I have been going to bed circa six in the morning and emerging at a perfectly reasonable two in the afternoon. This has caused the beginning of term at university to be something of a shock to the system.

This week was Freshers Week, that wonderful time of year when the teaching departments run inductions and us beleaguered society committee members panic about signing up enough freshers to warrant our continued survival as student groups. This means spending six hours of the day for around four days selling our societies in something akin to a student cattle-market. Unfortunately for me I had no guarantee of help on the Tuesday, meaning that I wasn’t able to sleep properly for stress which caused me to be somewhat groggy each morning when I got up. Add to that the fact that I put in a hell of a lot more energy than just about anyone else when it comes to advertising my chosen societies and the result is one knackered Rob on Friday night. That said, I’ve managed to get myself back to daylight waking times and, now that I’ve finally stopped panicking, I’m feeling quite well-rested.

That said, I almost destroyed the whole thing on Saturday night by going to the Enlightened Bystander’s house party. Having drunk nearly two litres of Red Square alcopops, I was invited to join the clan in Snobs (the local indie nightclub) which was the usual hot and sweaty crush. Not feeling very drunk, I proceeded to drink Jack Daniels and Reefs until I could feel them. It was only when I got back to Selly Oak that I realised exactly how pissed I was. This didn’t stop me finishing what I had left of those alcopops. I awoke at ten the next morning and dragged myself, feeling sick as a dog, to the other end of Edgbaston to roleplay at Steveotep’s house. This ended badly, especially after I ate the bacon butty…

So here I am, neck stiff from headbanging (the indie kids find prolonged headbanging impressive for some reason), having only just recovered from my hangover two days later and facing the prospect of another week without money now that I’ve discovered that the Student Loans Company haven’t given me any money yet due to an oversight on the University’s part. Due to one of my accounts being overdrawn without a facility by my rent as a result of this, I’m not allowed to access the remains of my other account’s overdraught. I’m in trouble to the extent that I have only the tenner in my pocket to last me until whenever I can finally get the SLC to give me my government handout…

~ by Scary Rob on 3 October, 2006.

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