Happily Ensconced

Well, I moved house on Saturday to a room with no shelves. Hence the boxes stacked six feet high either side of me as I type. My enormous collection of books and videos is currently vagrant, so much so that I have to physically shift them from one side of the room or the other depending on whether I want to use my computer or my bed. And I made damn sure that my computer was set up first and foremost. Why? Because this house has a porn portal! Sorry, I mean an internet connection. I must confess to having viewed and downloaded an inordinate amount of shite when I should have been unpacking. Not that I can do a fat lot about unpacking anyway. This room is so badly furnished that I may well end up forking out for a storage shed but I have a computer and precious internet, so all is well with the world. I think.

Okay, there were some teething troubles. Student Homes, the agency managing our house, told us that there would be two Chinese girls moving in with us but that they would not be around ’til September. Imagine our surprise, then, to find the kitchen of the new place looking like the Marie Celeste (except dirtier). It turned out that two of the previous tenants, who had signed up under a different agency, are staying for the summer and the landlord had not bothered to inform either us or Student Homes. It turned out to be okay in the end, they’re pretty nice people, but it just seems that the whole shebang has been something of a disorganised botch-up. The agency even managed to leave me to communicate virtually all the important details about the move to my housemates, rather than mailing the letters they had printed themselves about the issues in hand. It’s a damn good thing that the landlord lives locally, otherwise I’d despair of any maintenance issues being sorted without a lot of nagging.

The speed with which the landlord is willing to sort things out for us has its downside, though. My bedroom has no curtains, meaning that the building site across the road for the new wing of the psychiatric hospital looks right into my window. This would not be the world’s biggest deal were it not for the crane there with its big flashing warning light strobing my room all night. The landlord is coming to sort it on Sunday, which gives me another excuse to delay my unpacking. Mind you, this should be quite a comfortable room when I’m finished. It doesn’t have the damp and condensation problems of my last room, so far as I can tell, and the mattress is incredibly firm for a student bed. This will hopefully help the healing of the knot in my shoulder. Life is good at the moment and, hopefully, will be full of blogging now that I have ready net access again.


~ by Scary Rob on 6 July, 2006.

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