I think this counts as filler…

Well, my deepest apologies to Vlad but I really can’t write about my birthday party. The afternoon part was really dull and the evening part was a little too exciting, so I’m afraid I won’t be splashing a report across the internet any time soon. This, of course, means I have to regale you with other tales of my life and loves.

At the moment, my life seems to be ticking over fairly smoothly with my housemates not going out of their way to make my life hell for once. Legolas is at least having the good sense not to bother interacting with me too much and Rose is being outright friendly. Maybe they’re plotting something – heaven forefend that my last few weeks living in this hellhole pass without incident.

Mind you, as relatively happy as my life is at the moment, that leaves me with very little to blog about. I could make my own excitement to tell you about but that would have been my birthday party. There are even few academic developments for me to tell you. By the time you read this, I will have had a meeting with my supervisor’s proxy to discuss a bibliography for my dissertation. I doubt you want to know about my dissertation; who, besides me and the lecturers I work under, really has a burning desire to read about European perceptions of the Ottoman Empire in the Sixteenth Century as studies through accounts written by captives compared with accounts written by diplomats? There are some things only hardcore historians are daft enough to want to research. My novel isn’t getting written at the moment, either, so I have little to say about writing as a hobby. My only outlet is this blog for now. Maybe I should start writing short stories just to fill my word count…

My life seems to be full of the mundane from where I’m sitting right now. Besides a couple of society barbecues and a party, I have only packing to look forward to. When I leave on 1st July, I intend to be packed and ready to just cart my stuff out of the door. This means that I start packing this coming weekend, just as soon as the parties are over. It should be easy enough – my stuff isn’t anywhere near as spread out this year as it was last. My room is a lot bigger and thus hasn’t required my stuffing everything into whatever nooks and crannies of usable space; my stuff can just be put straight into boxes. The posters will present their own problem but I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. Bizarrely, I feel really optimistic about moving – as if a weight is being lifted from my shoulders…


~ by Scary Rob on 16 June, 2006.

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