Monsters of Rock 2006

I promised much in the way of blogging before everything hit me at once. I had umpteen social events, a roleplay scenario to write in a campaign setting that hasn’t been created yet and no time to reformat my blog into such a state that it’s fit for public viewing following the change of platform. Hence the two weeks without proper updates and the week of password protection. Maybe part of this debacle is me doing too much of a perfectionist; I couldn’t possibly have a naked, unformatted version of this blog splashed across the internet – that would never do. I try to maintain some semblance of professionalism in this blog, like the self imposed deadlines, and exposing a blog that’s obviously using a default template to the world’s scrutiny undermines that even more than my inability to update regularly does.

The major contributing factor to this mess, on the other hand, is my tendency to bite off more than I can chew. What with  a college week that’s supposed to amount to 40 hours, a working week at the cinema that amounts to at least 15 hours, 2 major roleplay sessions each week and my roles in the committees of both the Sci-Fi & Fantasy and the Roleplay Societies, I have my work cut out. Add my novel, a biographical blog, a dedicated review blog and being on the books to do film reviews for the university’s official newspaper and I have little time to myself. This means that my fighting my housemates’ attempts to turn my life into a living hell is more difficult and stressful than it should be: I simply don’t have the energy to deal with the situation effectively. And these last few weeks have had distractions all of their own.

Two weekends ago, it was my birthday. That Saturday, I went out to celebrate Lillith’s birthday and the Sunday was spent with most of my immediate family (my kid brother failed to turn up – I’m not sure how personally to take that…) in a rather nice Italian Restaurant near the Jewellery Quarter.

The Saturday just gone, I went to Monsters of Rock in Milton Keynes. It was a gloriously sunny day and for that reason I ended up leaving my housemates and Duckman as they decided to stake out the best possible position to stare at the crotches of middle-aged rockers rather than soak up the atmosphere. Ironically, after all the fuss Rose made about having to stand in one place from the beginning of the show to the end in order to have a perfect view of Ian Gillan, I was able to walk right up behind them at the beginning of Thunder’s set. I didn’t join them; I actually positioned myself ten feet to the left of them but they saw me and joined me at exactly the moment I ended up helping a rather drunk woman out of the crowd. After Thunder’s set, however, I walked right back up to them. So much for having to be at the front from the first minute to get a close view. I left them after Journey’s set as Rose was ignoring me and they’re incredibly dull company anyway. Rose can’t seem to raise her hands any higher than her chin and Legolas and Duckman were just apathy personified – this lack of audience participation is a bit depressing so near the front of a festival crowd and I took this to be further evidence of my middle-aged-man-crotch fetish theory. I spent Alice Cooper’s set standing next to some real rock fans.

Fed up of the sweaty crush, I spent Deep Purple’s set wandering around Milton Keynes Bowl. I got high praise from one man who joined in my headbanging to ‘Smoke on the Water’ with his air guitar in hand. He was amazed that my neck could last the whole song including two extended guitar solos and said I was a ‘Rock Bitch’. Indeed, I say adventuring and interacting with drunk people at festivals is by far a superior experience to staring at the tightened trousers of middle-aged men.

I never did catch up with my sleep. I went to Eddie’s the night before Monsters of Rock as a friend of mine was DJing and, as I had to be in work on Monday morning, I didn’t get the sleep I needed on Sunday night either. By the time Wednesday rolled around, I was still knackered and did a rather silly thing as a result. It was Ffarnffarn’s early birthday celebration that night and we ended up in the Guild, which had a late license on account of an Athletics Union dinner. Catullus and I did our usual ‘die hard party animal’ last-to-leave act at two in the morning thence I went home drunk and wrote the roleplay game I was DMing the next day. Having not slept, I played the game before collapsing in bed at about six the next evening. As I type now, it is Friday the 9th and I’m still tired. On Saturday I hold my belated birthday celebrations (which I’ve promised Vlad I’ll blog about, so you’ve got something to look forward to this Friday – regular updates will happen!) and work again on Monday. I’m kind of nervous as I’ve planned a long drinking session and made space for people to stay at my place if necessary yet I’m not convinced that people will necessarily turn up. There are a few guarantees of drinking partners for the evening, but I could easily end up doing Harborne on my own in the afternoon. Later in the week is the Sci-Fi Soc barbecue, with the Roleplay Soc one following the day after. Then, when Saturday rolls around, I am meant to be in Sheffield for yet another birthday party. Among all this, I have to prepare a bibliography for my dissertation and write a 500 word post to put up on Thursday. I think I may be working and playing a little too hard…


~ by Scary Rob on 13 June, 2006.

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