Just when you think life is too exciting for words, you hit a dull patch. This week nothing is getting my goat, no drama seems to have ensued and nothing seems to be happening. I’ve been back and forth at work trying to make sure I get the days off I want (4 Saturdays in a row essentially, an unusual request for a man in the leisure industry) and other than that, I’ve done jack. My life seems to be a constant round of TV and alcohol at the moment – perhaps I should do some revision. I would, but I can’t seem to get into it. At this time of year, the campus is a strange place to be with people camped out on the grass to bathe in the sun and the library packed out with revising students. The books you want aren’t there, the sun is murdering the interior of a building with no air conditioning and people are plugging up the aisles because there aren’t enough desks to go round.

Meanwhile, back in the Guild, the bar is dead on a Wednesday night – happily allowing the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Society to haunt a small corner of it. As the beer flows, I get fed up of the rubbish the juke box plays while on random so I constantly pump it full of money just so I can call up some half-decent tunes. Surprisingly, I am more often praised than berated for what I put on there.

If this all seems hum-drum, then let me take you too my place of work. The summer blockbusters are hitting the screens, giving us mad-busy patches followed by finger-drumming boredom as people turn up for the big films and don’t bother with the rest because it’s too sunny outside to waste the day inside a darkened room with a celluloid projection on the wall.

So I am left with little to do but read about the Anglo-Saxons and the origins of English identity in order that I may successfully pass an examination next Friday. I wish I could bring myself to do something useful towards that end but I seem instead to be focussed on other goals. Here I am, trying to get myself into the discipline of writing five hundred words of blog every week. Then there’s my novel. Then there are my Doctor Who reviews. Then there’s my dream diary. There’s just way too much stuff. I’m also trying to work my way through my reading list – the complete adventures of one Horatio Hornblower being the latest item. With all this to do, how can one balance a degree, a job and a social life? Well, that seems to be the main trial before me. Step one may well be to stop drinking…


~ by Scary Rob on 25 May, 2006.

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