I finally went and done it

Blimey, in all the excitement I forgot to post the good news here. I finally snapped with my old computer and replaced Windows ME with the copy of Linux Red Hat 9 I got hold of in the first place. The installation process was wonderfully easy and I’ve got to say I love how the whole thing works. I’m going to talk about differences between Windows and Ret Hat 9 for a bit, so if you’re a Linux user who’s found this little gush of enthusiasm accidentally while browsing the web, I wouldn’t bother reading any further.

I don’t do text computing. It’s just not me. As a recreational user, I find a graphical environment more pleasant to use. Fortunately, Red Hat 9 does have an answer: GNOME. GNOME is a graphical interface that does the job for Linux that Windows 3.11 did for DOS years ago*. GNOME has a desktop that looks not unlike a Windows one, it just has a deeper taskbar at the bottom, referred to as a ‘panel’. With Windows, I have only ever found out how to deepen the taskbar; with GNOME, you can put in extra panels at the top or middle of your screen to suit how you work. Furthermore, a month or so back I saw Gizmo’s double monitor arrangement for his Windows XP-run computer and I thought it was so cool. GNOME has something better. It has a button on the panel that switches between four desktops! Just click the button and move to the next one. Less space on your desk is taken up with monitors and it does the same job!

As I have more fun with technology, I’ll keep posting.

*Explanation for non-technical people: nowadays, Windows is an operating system in its own right and does everything itself. Back when 3.11 was around, Windows was merely a means for the computer to represent in a clearer way what DOS was doing. Any click in Windows 3.11 would be relayed as a text command to DOS and what DOS returned as text would be relayed back to Windows so it could displayed graphically. At least, this is how I understand it – I’ll happily correct any of this if someone who knows what they’re doing informs me differently.


~ by Scary Rob on 22 May, 2006.

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