Doctor Who – Tooth and Claw

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Russell T Davies really did choose the wrong opening episode for this series. After the uninspiring New Earth, we were treated to an absolutely wonderful episode last Saturday. I can honestly say that I loved Tooth and Claw and I hope that the rest of this series maintains this sort of quality. This is the first time I’ve felt comfortable praising Mr Davies for his plotting as much as his ideas and the Mill did an incredible job of bringing the werewolf to life.

David Tennant is still on excellent form as the Doctor, playing what is no doubt a fan’s Doctor Who – essentially an amalgam of all the most inspiring bits of his character. In Tennant you can see the Doctor’s brooding side running smoothly alongside his energy and his morality, producing a character that is more Doctor-ish than Christopher Eccleston ever was. The supporting cast also made great contributions to a very atmospheric episode – the monks were delightfully sinister and the wolf’s human form was just plain creepy. If there was any downside to the episode, it was the running attempts by Rose to make the Queen say, ‘We are not amused.’ Watching her do it was as excruciating as an episode of The Office.

As for the obligatory fannish speculations: I did begin to think for a moment that maybe I was wrong about ‘torchwood’ being dropped as this season’s ‘bad wolf’, until that final scene where the castle was used to explain Torchwood’s origins. And good on Russell T Davies for the early plug for his other pet series. I’m hoping with all my heart that it turns out to be as good as it sounds.


~ by Scary Rob on 25 April, 2006.

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