The Wanderer Returns

My sincerest apologies to anyone who’s been waiting for me to recommence my ramblings. It’s not just you I’ve let down but myself also (‘you’ve let your teachers down, you’ve let the school down but, most of all, you’ve let yourself down…) in not keeping up with regular writing. I haven’t even done much work on my novel. The reason for this has been a very hectic semester. Some of you may know that I am leaving Rose and Legolas at the end of this academic year to go on to pastures new. This means that I got left with a deadline by the university to find myself a room before they demanded I sign a contract for a room in halls. So I rang anyone with a suitable advert up in the Guild in the hope of finding a room. I looked at two box-rooms and had umpteen ‘we’ve found someone’ or ‘you’re the wrong gender, even though our advert didn’t specify’ rejections before I finally found a place that looked vaguely suitable, if only the two quiet-as-a-mouse med students could tolerate an anarchic metal-head. I was all ready to discuss terms of noise-tolerance and sign bits of paper when Kismet, my former Student Mentor (a welfare scheme run in the halls of residence – think live-in, personally assigned Samaritans) phoned me and asked me to look at a house with him. So I did. And the place was better than I expected for its location and within a couple of hours I had gone from just giving him the benefit of my house-hunting experience (ten years of it! Don’t ask) to signing up with him and his girlfriend on three rooms of a five-bed house. This took place over three months in which I had to pare down a lot of my extra-curricular activities so I could have house-hunting time.

I have also had many a boring essay to write, three dissertation proposals to research and submit, and a fourteen-day tour of the UK’s museums to prepare and complete (I’ve kind of just got back from that). I’m temporarily out of the shit and hopefully back on track for weekly updates, even during the exam period, but this semester has hit me hard. Anyway, the exciting stuff for me is, of course, the new house in July and the knowledge that next year I shall either be doing an in-depth study of the transition between late-Roman slavery and early-medieval serfdom, a survey of literature written about the Middle East by Europeans in the sixteenth century or a study of Viking religion. I find out which of the three in a couple of weeks. I also hope to be kicking off a writers’ group with Rose and Legolas next semester. This means I will have to get some work done on my novel…

~ by Scary Rob on 19 April, 2006.

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