I took my copy of Fedora 4 back to Waterstones the other day, thinking there was a bug in it and got given the email address of someone who may be able to help. Yesterday, though, things stopped looking quite so bleak – I have real answers. A friend of mine who is an old hand with Linux told me that the Linux kernel can’t deal with SATA motherboards yet, that is the specialty of kernel 2.6 and the first Red Hat to have it will be Fedora 5. I could put the new kernel into Linux myself but he found it a wrist-slashing job when he did it, so I don’t have a cat in hell’s chance. He did say he can get me something that will work, though: Slackware 10.2 – less user-friendly than Red Hat, but I think I can cope with that.

In other news, I took my info back to DCS, and the guy who sold me my computer was surprised, given that SATA is the current standard motherboard. But then, Linux has always been behind the times in terms of hardware. He has given me the emails of the University Arts department IT bods, who he said may be able to help – so now I can at least talk to a bunch of people who know what they’re doing.


~ by Scary Rob on 19 January, 2006.

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