On your marks… Get set… BLOG!

The first weekend of the Christmas holidays has passed and I’m finally in a position to write again. It’s been a bit of an odd semester for me, beginning with a week on my own in the house in which I singularly failed to unpack properly. I left all my stuff in the living room while I cleaned my room thoroughly from top to bottom with all manner of cleaning products. Actually, the room wasn’t that dirty – I just kept procrastinating.

So when Rose moved in, I had to panic-tidy the living room and quickly squirt the bathroom with some kind of cleaning spray in the hour before she arrived. Another week later and Legolas finally joined us, on the day of the disappointing housewarming. Despite my dropping invites to almost everyone I know in Birmingham (that’s a lot of people) only one person turned up: Duckman. And it was Rose that invited him anyway. With a little coercion, Kismet turned up later in the evening, but by that point our mood had already deflated. This, besides the whacking great mouldy patches found on two of the three bedroom walls, was the first sign that there might just be something wrong with the house on a spiritual level. I know it seems a weird thing to say, and irrationally superstitious at that, but my Mum and Dad have had houses ill-wished on them by others (usually members of my Dad’s family who felt that he didn’t deserve a house so nice/so big/at all) and we’ve had a shit time in those houses, with all sorts of annoying maintenance problems plus bad emotional circumstances. My parents are still living in one of these cursed houses, where my Dad got slowly and grindingly pushed out of a job and started mentally abusing the family as a result of his stress combined with his innate bullying tendencies, my Mum and my Brother had their personalities mangled almost beyond recognition, and I went through eighteen months of depression that have left me a bitter and distrusting aspect to my personality that is at odds with my usual laid-back demeanour. At my parents’ house a ceiling has fallen in, the place has had to be re-wired, the garden is full of DIY messes left by the previous owner, and the newly fitted plumbing in the bathroom is leaking as we speak because of a botch by a plumber. Now tell me I’m superstitious.

At our house in Selly Oak we have had one problem after another, the most relevant to this entry being the rigmarole over the internet. Apparently, no-one will supply us with broadband due to the state of the wiring in our area. UK Online are charging us for a broadband service they claim to be providing and neither UK Online or BT have sorted out whatever it is that’s stopping us from getting this service. The reason I suspect minor cursing is that the previous tenants were chucked out by the landlord and were apparently the only tenants he’s ever had whose deposits he’s kept. They probably resent there being anyone here after them. Anyway, the point is that, unlike last year, I can’t blog willy-nilly anymore; I have to write at home then post using the computers on campus, carrying a disk between them. This has been a bit of a problem because I have managed to get myself into a position where I have been royally overworked. I am now at my third cinema and, due to misunderstanding some of the implications of my contract, I have been given over twenty hours most weeks. I am still paying for the time I have had to skimp on my college work. And that’s why I have been silent for so long.


~ by Scary Rob on 14 December, 2005.

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