The Good Life

As I hurtle towards the beginning of the new academic year, bedlam has ensued again. The ongoing issue that is my new house seems to be just a continuous saga, the current issue being that I can’t work out whether it’s damp or not. The peeling wallpaper in my bedroom is positioned such that it could be damp or a condensation problem and I’m rather suspicious about a patch of poor plastering in a bottom corner. Worse is the fact that the room is freezing cold even on a hot day and while I’ve been sleeping there this weekend I’ve been waking up with snuffles. Is it just the cold or is it damp? Meanwhile, although the room is huge, it’s arranged in just such a way that I can’t get the furniture into meaningful positions. The furniture provided is complete enough that I can’t realistically get much of my own furniture in there but I need a set of shelves and the only feasible space for them is too small.

Furthermore, my time this weekend has not passed without things like society meetings being thrown up. So this means I now have to get of my arse and do something about the Roleplay Committee’s plans to get higher membership retention and participate in the Sci-Fi committee, in which I have a meaningless position but we all have to spend our time counteracting the Chairbeing’s laziness. Add this to my mum’s desire to have a blitz on the garden and one Scouse Doncastrian Brummy is going to have to be a busy bunny as well as a scary one…

~ by Scary Rob on 22 August, 2005.

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