So the tornado the other week was, thankfully, several miles East of the place we’re supposed to be renting but there’s no space for me to rest easy. If it’s not one thing it’s another. When we first looked round the place, the bathroom had surface mould everywhere and a few of the kitchen tiles were out of place. The landlord promissed he’d sort it. As we looked round, we never really saw the bedrooms, on account of them being occupied.

When we moved our stuff in in July, there were problems. The landlord had let some tennants in one of his other houses stay over and so he asked us if he could store some stuff belonging to the new tennants in our living room. Fine, we said. He’d also let the previous occupant of Rose’s room stay over a couple of weeks, setting his repair jobs back. And as Legolas and I moved in, we found two wacking great damp patches on the external walls of both mine and Rose’s rooms. My sister suggested, from their postion, that it could be a guttering problem so I asked the landlord to sort that out too. He told me the previous tennants never told him about the damp (and given the mould in the bathroom from not opening the window and the grotty state of the kitchen, I could believe this).

So, last weekend, Rose and her family went up to sort some stuff. What she told me bodes ill. The kitchen light doesn’t work and the bulb and supply are fine – a wiring problem, therefore. She told me not to touch the redecorated bathroom ceiling, which may mean that someone neglected to clean before he repainted (but she didn’t elabourate so far as to tell me what the actual problem was). There is a cracked window pane in the living room. And the landlord has painted over the damp in the bedrooms which, if I’m right about the bathroom, could mean that not only has he not cleaned away the mould there but also that I can no longer see where the damp was to take some damp-proof paint to it myself. Looks like when I go up to Brum for Charlemagne and Ubelinde’s wedding do in a week and a bit I’ll have to pay our landlord a visit…


~ by Scary Rob on 10 August, 2005.

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