Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Like ‘King Arthur’ the best advice I can give is: ignore the trailers. But this time for different reasons. You see, ‘two world-class assassins don’t know they’re married to each other until they’re hired to bump each other off’ sounds like the cheesiest concept on Earth, but this film is actually rather good. It’s a Hollywood all-rounder with plenty of action and a good few laughs along the way. In fact, the laughs are almost frequent enough to call this film a comedy. The daft concept is handled superbly, with the eponymous Smiths seeking counselling over a marriage that is obviously failing and the psychology of the protagonists’ relationship is portrayed with a touch of brilliance from the leads (Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, as if you didn’t already know…). The pace of the story leaves nothing missing and the humour is spot-on.

Occasionally, the film does descend into cheese, like the ‘Charlie’s Angels’-esque set-up of Mrs Smith’s agency, but these are minor niggles that do nothing to spoil the enjoyment of an entertaining piece of Hollywood schmuck. Long live mindless entertainment!

~ by Scary Rob on 21 June, 2005.

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