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I’ve come to realise something. The first episode of the new series had a pretty good script. Some of the scenes had a real sense of menace in the dialogue and the scripted actions. Yet somehow it all seemed so jokey… The drama seemed to be sucked out of some of the ostensibly scary scenes (like the infamous wheelie-bin scene: what should have been the horror of an everyday object not being safe anymore became an ironic laugh that something so mundane as a wheelie-bin can be dangerous). I thought it was intentional to break us in slowly. This seemed confirmed by the second and third episodes, which were darker and felt more ‘adult’. But now I’ve seen part four and it’s back to the jokey tone again. The whole farting thing could have easily been made to look menacing; instead it was just presented as toilet humour. Humour doesn’t appear to have been the original intention in the scene where the aliens first unzip their heads, yet the laughter of the ‘MPs’ is presented in a comical rather than menacing way.

The connection between episodes one and four? Keith Boak. He is the director of episodes one, four and five. The two darker ones in between were directed by Euros Lyn (who did a brilliant job, even with episode three, whose material I thought was a bit sub-standard). Fortunately, we don’t have any more episodes directed by Mr Boak to look forward to after next week, and I think things can only improve, but this does beg the question: did Phil Collinson and Russell T Davies notice the lack of fear factor? Or where they caught short by only dealing with rushes rather than final edits? We shall probably never know…


~ by Scary Rob on 18 April, 2005.

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