The plot feels very 1950s feel-good movie (and I mean that in a good way). Small town guy leaves for the big city to meet the man behind the world’s biggest company, a man who’s slogan is ‘Whatever you’re made of, you can shine’. Thing is, the boss has retired and the company is now in the hands of a young, hell-bent-on-profits executive under the thumb of his psychopathic mother. And they’re all robots. Hence the title.

The new executive plans to stop selling spare parts and replace them with upgrades. Those who can’t afford go to the ‘chop-chop’, basically a scrap metal plant. And guess who it’s run by…

The film has an all-star (if somewhat eclectic) cast, and it has its funny moments. On the one hand, it just isn’t as funny as ‘The Incredibles’. On the other hand, it has a damn sight more lunatic inspiration; everything is over the top, including the ever-delightful Robin Williams. The film is immensely engaging, even if the laughs are occasionally sparse, but it does suffer from the occasional cliché without even a hint of self consciousness. Why does Copperbottom, the film’s protagonist, end up with the female company executive (to the obvious jealousy of the kooky female character who is part of the motley crew of outmoded robots)? She isn’t well fleshed out as a character and their romance is totally out of the blue. It only makes sense because it always bloody happens in films…

And I’ve just realised that that was my only niggle. And it hardly spoiled my enjoyment of this film, so I’d say it’s well worth watching.



~ by Scary Rob on 6 April, 2005.

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