Let’s get one thing straight as a start: I loved every minute of this film. From the wonderful introductory spiel about the mystical ideas that drive the film (and they have more bearing on the plot than you think) to the incredibly well-executed action scenes (for once mostly devoid of the post-matrix wire-fighting that marred Daredevil: this is a film that could pass for a martial arts movie!!!), Elektra is an absolutely wonderful piece of escapist entertainment. In common with most Marvel films, the characters are given more to their personalities than just their back stories – the villains are brilliantly comic-book terrible (shallow though that is), and you can begin to really believe Elektra as a character.

The plot, although a little clichéd, is incredibly engaging and so full of twists as to keep you pleasantly surprised throughout much of the film. It glosses over the lead character’s death in Daredevil a little, but the excuse it uses to bring her back to life is so tied in with the concept behind the story as a whole that it doesn’t end up just screaming ‘desperate resurrection to make money here =====è!!!’

The action scenes, a central part of the film, are brilliantly done. The whole Matrix-going-on-Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon way of choreographing fights has been eschewed in favour of some very honest looking pieces of martial arts work – you can feel the impact of the fights rather than just seeing a piss-poor bit of ballet overladen with special effects. And, furthermore, the characters’ ability to fight in such a manner actually makes sense as opposed to just being the inexplicable and uncanny kung-fu mastery of superheroes everywhere.

The one problem with this film was pointed out to me by a member of the sci-fi soc: Elektra is actually happy at the end of the film – something that is never the case in the comic series that spawned the movie.

So, in conclusion, go see! If you want another reason, there’s a Sapphic kiss towards the middle…



~ by Scary Rob on 6 February, 2005.

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