Happy New Year!

So I’ve been away for a week and since I’ve got back, I’ve been at work, had essays to write and my internet connection went down. So no bloggery for the past two weeks as you may have seen. I’m still trying to decide upon some good New Year’s resolutions. Thing is, I know I never keep the damn things so I wonder if I should even bother this year…


Anyway, this week, I have been mostly abusing my nipples. No, that’s not a typo. And no, I’m not into that sort of thing (it’s your dirty mind, not mine). It wasn’t intentional; it just turned out that way. Somehow, the other night, I managed to spill boiling water on my left nipple as I was cleaning out an ice bucket. You can imagine my surprise at that happening, I’m sure. (Although I did derive amusement from the fact that people seemed to think I had a small torch strapped to my chest…) The abuse of my anatomy continued when I managed to catch my house-keys on the same nipple early this morning (and I refuse to describe how). Maybe my New Year’s resolution should be to stop hurting myself in really dumb ways. My life would be far less painful if I didn’t do stupid things like let people pin me by the shoulders over a metal bed frame, or catch my finger on the edges of till drawers…


I do, however, seem to have found some energy from somewhere. This has led to me doing amazing things like ploughing through my reading list and even doing more than just standing round and getting by at work. Problem is: this is making me rub up against certain of my less public-spirited co-workers.


Let me tell you about the ‘station concept’. The idea is that, at your till, you can easily just reach for a packet of sweets an arm’s length away, or a drinks cup. Minimum movement; maximum efficiency. At the end of the night, we count the cups on the spring-loaded racks into twenties and close them off. We have a similar process for the sweets. The earlier we do this, the less time it takes to close and clean the concessions stand. For similar reasons we close down the salty popcorn warmer and put the popcorn into a few portion bags towards the end of the night. It gets the thing clean sooner. The thing is, we have two major evening walk-ins, where we get a big queue of customers. These are at 7 and 9pm. We were told by the management a few months ago to stop closing the cups and the warmer down at the start of the evening shift at 6. So imagine my surprise when one of my colleagues has a go at me for putting in a new bag of salty popcorn at 8! I said I didn’t know it was being closed down; he said I should have asked. I pointed out to him that at this time of night it was too early to be closing the thing; he pretty much told me that getting out early was the be-all and end-all. When it comes down to it, we’re paid to do a job. So how do I reconcile myself with the fact that everyone else’s system of working is at odds with not only my personal ethos, but also that of the company and the management?


Answers on a postcard.


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