More stupidity from cinema customers

It was the end of the night and I was passing through the foyer, pushing a mop-bucket in front of me when the Judge and Evil Twin #1 appear and asked me if I wanted to help them throw a bunch of fellers out of the ladies’ toilets. Well, this sort of thing breaks up the usual monotony, so I thought: why not?

When we got in there, someone was shut in a cubicle and there were three lads who can’t have been any older than sixteen (and I suspect they were a tad younger) milling around. Predictably, they were members of the tracksuit and baseball cap section of society. When we asked them to leave, one of them said that his girlfriend was being sick in the cubicle and he refused to leave and one of them (a little blond guy who shall henceforth be referred to as the Twat) just refused to leave on no particular grounds at all. It was obvious that they were drunk, especially as when the girl eventually opened the cubicle door she was a horrible shade of green and could barely stand – somehow I don’t think it was a medical condition…

So they tried using drunken logic regarding privacy on us, the Twat especially, and it turned out that another girl was involved with this bunch, thus leaving the three blokes redundant in the looking-after-the-sick-girl stakes. Evil Twin #1 went to get the sick girl some water and, eventually, Bulk, a big black guy on our staff, appeared and managed to usher the guys out. Meanwhile, the Twat started mouthing off at the Judge and myself as he left, sarcastically congratulating us on a job well done, telling us that we can go now, being redundant as Bulk had turned up, and shouting abuse as we got back to work. I just wish he’d tried to assault me: I’d have been glad of self-defence as an excuse…



~ by Scary Rob on 21 December, 2004.

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