I was going to blog today with something else, but I think this may be more important.

Suddenly, I’m feeling politically rankled and it’s not often I get this worried about the state of the country. What I’m referring to is the invocation of the Parliament Act over the fox-hunting bill. Here is a link to the BBC webpage explaining the background of the act.

My objection to the current use of the act is not one of the 1949 act’s legality but the fact that the current government have seen fit to use this act over an issue that has the country divided close to 50/50 in its opinion (the countryside alliance claim a 1% majority and even lefty Channel Four News viewers have narrow a majority in favour of hunt support…

What worries me is what this implies about the attitude of the government. First, the hereditary peers were kicked out. Secondly, they were replaced with a system that basically encouraged crony-ism. And now this. How can a government not take it as a warning sign that their bill is being rejected by a chamber in which they have made moves to create a new power base? What does this say about the true significance of the House of Lords in relation to the Commons?

I favoured the war in
Iraq in spite of the government’s dubious claims, simply because I saw Hussein’s removal as right. A government that previously could do the right thing for the wrong reasons is now doing the wrong thing for even worse reasons. This issue has always been about the animal rights vote, even back in the mid-nineties…

So. I’m sure many of us want Blair out of power but now I’m even going to take issue with others who share my intentions (if only ’cos it’s five ion the morning and I’m pissed off). The number of people I know who are going to vote Lib Dem next election astounds me. It really does. I admit, it’s time for an alternative. But as their power slowly grows, the current Labour government remains in charge. Voting Lib Dem will only keep Blair in his presidential seat for another few years. My normal inclination is to vote Green, but I see only one way next year: Tory.

The shock! The horror!

But Mr Howard can only be an improvement in my book. And the Tories are the only party with enough candidates and enough mainstream support at the moment ot pose a serious challenge in the next election.

I’m going to bed now, I worry that I may be getting incoherent. The idea that I’m doing such a reactionary blog this week is worrying me as well, but I’m not backing out now. I will make my deadlines dammit!

I’ll post what I was going to in the first place on Monday.

Goodnight all!


~ by Scary Rob on 20 November, 2004.

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