So I’m still behind with my entries. Furthermore, it looks like I won’t be catching up this Friday as it seems I’m working this weekend. I’m beginning to think that taking on three shifts a week in a place that’s an hour’s bus ride away was not such a clever plan. I think I may look for a new job soon.

On Monday, I just had one of those days. It really started with the weekend, when I went to my sister’s house party in Nottingham. I drank for fifteen hours and the hangover, though mild, lingered into Monday.

On Monday morning, I had to give half of a presentation in my Anglo-Saxon class. An hour trawling the internet provided me with the information I needed, two hours before I was due to present it. Things went downhill from there.

Missed bus. Caught train, so arrived at the campus later than planned. Did seminar homework in five minutes flat. Saw Rose briefly after the seminar and had a drink – she seemed unhappy about something but wouldn’t say what. (No, it wasn’t anything to do with my last post – if she was going to sulk about that she’d have done it on Friday, when she read it.) The bus took longer than usual to get me to work despite the fact that the roads were clear. And now I was hungry…

Can somebody explain to me how a Burger King opposite a cinema shuts at five o’clock? Furthermore, how can a branch of the Baker’s Oven in the midlands charge more than the one in Cambridge? And how can a set of those little lights that pick out the edges of the stairs in a cinema auditorium get knocked out from under their plastic cover and lie disconnected on the floor with no sign of visible damage?

And how the bloody hell did I manage to drop the corridor phone’s handset into a bucket of coke? As you can imagine, I’m less than happy at the moment as the world seems to have been ganging up against me these past few days. Though a good thing did happen: I got quite a high mark for that essay I mentioned the other week; especially when you consider that I wrote it in less than three hours… 

Still, that was just one good moment in a sea of disasters – I’m waiting for all hell to start breaking loose again.


~ by Scary Rob on 10 November, 2004.

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